The St. Jude Program NYC Credentials

Excellence and Care are the fundamental values of the St. Jude Series of Programs

Nationally Acclaimed Program

The BBB (Better Business Bureau) rates our programs an A+ after more than two decades of helping people. This is unheard of in the drug and alcohol program arena. Many world renowned alcohol and drug program researchers also endorse our program such as:

  • Dr RudyDr. David Rudy, alcohol researcher and author of Becoming Alcoholic, Alcoholics Anonymous and the Reality of Alcoholism.

"During much of the past century, there has been a consistent trend to increasingly medicalize behavioral issues. Viewing behaviors, for example heavy drinking and alcoholism, as diseases is a flawed model. Drinking, heavy drinking, and alcoholism are behaviors and their causes are many and diverse. It stands to reason that alcoholism and substance abuse treatment approaches that are based on facts are more likely to provide an environment for success than those that are based on beliefs. The St. Jude Program series does just that. Through a fact-based approach, the programs educate, motivate, and empower substance users to make choices and decisions that will lead to self and life control."


Dr VaccaThe late, Dr. Joseph Vacca, National Institute of Health Post Doctoral Research Fellow at Harvard Medical School and Boston University Medical School.

" Finally someone has built a program to help people struggling with addictions, utilizing the latest research and technology available. As scientists have uncovered more and more about how the brain works, Baldwin Research has incorporated that information into a comprehensive program for self improvement. People literally learn how to reinvent themselves and plan for a better future, regardless of their past struggles. "


Dr JoyNationally syndicated radio talk show host and noted psychologist, Dr. Joy Browne.

At last, a program for addiction that acknowledges choice and responsibility and can really work. I liked it so much, I agreed to voice the Audio Book for the Saint Jude Home Program.


Slate We’re proud to have Steven Slate heading up our NYC office. Steven has 10 years experience helping people with substance use problems, as a certified CBE Instructor, as lead instructor and director of Saint Jude’s Twin Rivers Retreat, in private practice, and as a volunteer.He has trained numerous CBE Instructors, and is a contributor to ongoing CBE curriculum development. As a former student of the Saint Jude Program, Steven has a unique passion and appreciation for the value of this liberating approach to problematic substance use. He has made several media appearances to discuss alternative views on addiction. You do not get endorsements like these without building credibility first. St. Jude's built this reputation by making our guests/students and our results number one, and making the business model secondary to those first two goals.