The Saint Jude Program in New York City

How Do I Make a Reservation For My Personal One-On-One Classes?

We know that everyone has specific unique needs. So, we have made the process of enrolling in our non-12 step based, alternative to outpatient program very personal and efficient for you. Here are the steps to enroll:

1. Call us at our main office to discuss your situation at 1.888.973.9593

2. After discussing your needs and giving us the chance to review how we will help you solve your issues, we will then get you in touch with your instructor, or we can enroll you in the program, whichever you prefer.

3 .If you want to talk with your instructor prior to enrolling, your CBE Instructor will contact you so you can have your initial conversation and get a real feel for who it is that is going to be helping you.

4. Once you are comfortable, and you know that the St. Jude Program NYC is for you, you can schedule your personal one-on-one classes at the number listed above and then get started on your new life!

It is that easy. We have been helping people rebuild their lives and overcome substance use problems for over 26 years, so we are quite in tune with the struggles that you might be dealing with. So we have made the entire process of enrolling incredibly easy and personal.