Outpatient Alternative Services

The Saint Jude Program New York City provides a much needed non-12 step alternative to conventional disease based drug and alcohol outpatient programs in New York City and the surrounding area. In our program, you will receive all the program materials/curriculum, classes with a CBE (Cognitive Behavioral Education) Certified Instructor, out of class assignments, and the assurance that you are receiving the identical information and research that you would receive at any of the world renowned residential St. Jude Retreats located in Upstate New York.

Why should I choose St Jude's as opposed to Drug Treatment or Alcohol Treatment Outpatient Services?

Simply put, our New York City program allows you to have a series of one-on-one classes with a CBE certified instructor at your convenience and schedule. We have taken the experience and research and the curriculum from our retreat based upstate programs and made them available for those who cannot leave their careers and families to attend a residential program. With a simple phone call you can have access to the same curriculum, and same level of credentials as those who attend our retreats, except you can stay involved with your current life and obligations while doing so. Our programs are not just about gaining sobriety, but they are focused on rebuilding and enhancing your emotional life and lifestyle. Remember, you get to determine the level of personal change that makes sense to you! You can begin your new lifestyle by building the level of help you need from day one. We look forward to hearing your story and building a class schedule that makes sense and will be effective for you.

How do I enroll in the confidential St Jude Program in New York City?

Three simple steps:

1. Call us at 1.888.973.9593 for information about the St. Jude Program New York City and discuss your individual needs and how we might help you. Once you are comfortable that this program is right for you, you will then…

2. Make payment arrangements. Your instructor will then contact you (of course you can also request to talk with your instructor before you decide to make payment arrangements).

3. Build a class schedule with your private CBE Instructor and then get started on a new life!

If you are ready to build sobriety or to moderate your rates of consumption, then please give us a call – WE CAN HELP YOU ACHIEVE THESE GOALS. We have helped thousands over the years build more satisfying lives, and we look forward to teaching you how to do so too!