Program Description of the St. Jude Program New York City

A Comprehensive Research Driven Life Changing Program

If you're searching for sobriety or moderation, more fulfilling relationships, gaining greater self-confidence, positive plans for the future, and you don't want to be stuck in therapy, counseling, 12 Step meetings, or support groups for the rest of your life, then the St. Jude Program NYC is the program that will fit your needs.

The Program consists of:

  • 12 60 minute sessions over 4-6 weeks

The entire program module can be completed in the equivalent of 12 hours of classroom time so we allow some latitude for scheduling conflicts and each individual's aptitude, learning rate, and style.

There are no refunds and no make-up classes.

The Cognitive Behavioral Educator will teach you…

  • The Cognitive Behavioral Presenter Will Share With You:
  • How to achieve sobriety or moderation in substance use.
  • Our Exclusive "Freedom Model" Philosophy: "An individual is motivated by the pursuit of happiness at any given point in his/her life."
  • How to effectively deal with inevitable life changes.
  • How to overcome depression and anxiety
  • How to proactively make decisions and build self-confidence again.
  • How to build greater self-esteem.
  • How to discover the career path that best fits your needs and desires.
  • How to create and foster positive Neuroplastic changes in your brain for self-sustaining fulfillment and happiness.

Non-12 step:

  • Our alternative to drug and alcohol outpatient clinics and counseling was created by the same research team that built the original non-12 Step residential program in 1989.

Non-Treatment Approach:

  • Our Non-Treatment Approach is based on the simple fact: Addiction is a non-existent disease. When you're not "diseased", there's nothing to "treat" or "cure".

Non-disease based:

  • For more than 70 years, researchers have been searching for the "gene" or "physical allergy theory" of addiction. To date, none has been found. That is because your thoughts, motives, and choices are not run by your genetics. You choices to use, drink, have dissatisfying relationships, and unfulfilling careers are not genetic, but rather behavioral and self -based. In short, they can be changed for the better with the correct facts, information, and planning that makes sense.

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